Weight Lifting Digest

Weight lifting supplements have become vital to every aspiring body builder or gym buffs around. A wide variety of brands, types and claims have become widespread and is continuing to be a growing business. But just how effective are these and do we really need to combine training with such? Here are just some ideas of the supplements that have been highly recommended, and its effects.

The best weight lifting supplement by public review is Creatine. This is used to gain strength, increase muscle size and enhance endurance. Its function is to supply energy in the body, and by moving water to the muscle cells, it helps in increasing size as water retention is through the muscles and not just within the epidermis.
Protein is also becoming the usual partner in weight lifting. A variety of whey powders have been developed for muscle growth and repair. It is known that protein helps build muscle and is being used for those who need to gain weight. Whey protein is also the best source for absorption.

Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid, or commonly known as GABA aids in transmission of nerve impulses traverse the synapses for better coordination. It is a growth hormone stimulus which helps metabolise fat and builds more muscle.

Also among the weight lifting supplements is DHEA or the dehydroepiandrosterone hormone. It assists in the production of other hormones for weight loss, fat burning, and muscle building. Studies show that DHEA can help maintain the body and health condition.

Of course, it is wise to select the correct supplement to achieve your target. Always remember to take everything in moderation. Choose wisely, and effectively, and most of all train hard. Remember that these are after all weight lifting supplements and are just mere aids of your training.